About Us

The Label & Ribbon Pros is an online distributing company based in Knoxville, TN.  We distribute blank labels for use in laser/inkjet printers, thermal transfer & direct thermal printers, desktop thermal printers and mobile thermal printers.  We also serve as a distributor for thermal transfer ribbon manufacturers DNP IMS America, Iimak and ITW; Compulabel (labels, cards, and ribbons); and a network of other independently owned label converters located throughout the country.  We ship to the continental United States & Canada and have been a part of the on-demand printing industry for over 30 years.   

The Label & Ribbon Pros began in 2006 as Laser Label Warehouse.  We started simple, offering only laser & inkjet labels in 10 sizes with permanent and removable adhesive.  Soon we added fluorescent colors, then a few more sizes, a few more materials, etc.  We immediately gained online market share by offering some of the lowest prices online, free shipping and a user-friendly shopping experience.  We have retained customers over the years by offering dependable service, excellent customer support and top quality products. 

After learning the ropes about doing business online (the hard way) we created a new website- laserlabel.net.  With the .net website we launched over 100 laser/inkjet sizes in over a dozen material options.  As sales continued to rise we continued to add more sizes, colors, materials and everything we could.  We finally came to a point this past year where we wanted to do more, but our website was at max capacity.

Enter the new Label & Ribbon Pros website.  This website may have only taken a few months to develop, but it has been almost 10 years in the making.  In addition to the same great laser and inkjet products as before, we now offer thermal transfer labels and ribbons, direct thermal labels, and all Compulabel brand products.  We have over 3000 products in our online store at some of the most competitive prices in the industry (on or offline) and we still offer free shipping with every order of laser & inkjet labels.  Because we also serve as a distributor for other manufacturers, if you don't see the product that you need listed online, contact us because we can still get it for you- and usually at a better price that then other guys too!

The Label & Ribbon Pros website is a family owned and operated business.  We provide the best products, pricing and service possible and we do not answer to outside shareholders.  We offer free samples for all of our products and we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.  Shop with us today and feel free to give us a call- you’ll be glad that you did.  Thank you for trusting the Label & Ribbon PROS for your thermal printing needs!

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