Laser & Inkjet Label Templates

Did you know that our non-branded laser & inkjet labels are engineered to be used with Avery® label templates?  Yes, 'engineered' - they have been intentionally designed to almost exact specifications similar to Avery's® popular brand of labels.  That's why we have comparable Avery® product numbers listed with each of our labels.  Avery® laser & inkjet label templates can easily be found in Microsoft Word and other popular programs.  Simply search by the comparable Avery® part number when printing.  

Here's how you find Avery® laser and inkjet label templates in Microsoft Word:

  • Open a New Word Document
  • Select the 'Mailings' tab from the top menu
  • Select 'Labels'
  • Here you decide whether to print a full page or sheet of the same label, print a single label, or you can open a new blank document with a specific label format.
  • To open a blank template page, click on the label image (shows current size/type selected) and a new menu box will appear where you can select the size you need.
  • First, choose the vendor (select Avery® US Letter for our non-branded labels), then select the label number and size and then click 'OK'
  • With the correct size shown, select 'New Document'
  • A new Word Document will open as a template where you can edit each cell (or label) that appears on the sheet
  • From here you can edit the sheet and save it for later use.  This comes in handy if you find that you constantly have to recreate the same template or if you have to always recreate the same sheet of labels (like return labels)!




Please note: we DO NOT sell Avery® Labels, we distribute nonbranded high-quality laser and inkjet labels from American manufacturers who have been making labels for over 30 years.  Their quality is guaranteed and their performance is just as good or even better than branded laser and inkjet labels.  Avery® names and product numbers are used as a reference tool only.  Our full disclaimer is below.  

Label shades and colors depicted on our website are representations only and actual shades may vary depending on individual monitor settings. Samples are available free of charge for all of our products- please contact us for more information or to request samples. We do not sell or manufacture Avery-Dennison Corp.®, or Stomper®, or Memorex®, or Neato®, or Standard Register®, or Zebra®, or Datamax®, or Sato®, or Citizen®, or Intermec®, or Dymo® products. We are in no way affiliated with any of these companies. All product names, product numbers, logos, and trademarks are registered to the respective companies. Avery® cross reference numbers are used only for the selection of proper software templates in most popular label software programs. Avery® cross reference numbers are not assurances of sheet performance.  Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato®, Citizen®, Intermec® and Dymo® printer information, printer makes and model numbers are used solely for the selection of proper ribbons and for general troubleshooting tips.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  

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